The Hidden Costs of Buying a Home (Part 1)

As a first time home buyer or investor it is often thought that once you have saved your minimum down payment and pre-qualified for the property of your dreams you are ready to jump into the world of home ownership/ Real Estate. All too many times however, we see individuals who have missed saving for some critical costs associated with the purchase of any property such as legal fees, Land Transfer Taxes, Appraisal costs, HST [...]

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Where to Invest Your Money in 2014?

Eighty percent of Canadians have resolutions for 2014 and 36% of those resolutions were related to personal finance, a BMO Wealth Institute study said. Without understanding your investments, it can be a big blow to your future... With stock and bond markets spinning their wheels, many Canadians are looking for alternative places to park their money. And while buying an investment property might seem like a good way to diversify, you should do your homework [...]

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I am proud to share my featured article in the August issue of Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine. The article captures 6 strategies to build wealth through Real Estate, and I have been featured in strategy #1  as the Rent to Own expert.  It is great to be recognized by such a reputable organization in this industry, for my hard work over the last decade! Click here to get your free copy

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