Workout & Diet Tips for the Mesomorph

Since posting my last blog "New Year, New You" I have been getting a lot of questions regarding what the best type of meal or exercise plans to follow are for each body type.  This is a very important to know if you are looking to achieve maximum results with your wellness plan, so I will be posting a 3 part series to recap each body type and give a few diet and exercise tips to help [...]

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New Year, New You… Understanding your body

With the New Year upon us many people are busy setting out their New Year’s Resolutions, and 2014 Goals.  It is no surprise that the biggest item on the majority of peoples list is to get into better physical shape, yet 70% or more of people end up giving up on this goal before the month of February is over! Why is this an all too common occurrence? Some will tell you it’s because of [...]

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Food for Thought | Fats – The Macronutriant We LOVE to Hate

Oh Fats!  What can one really say about them?  We love to eat them...Chocolate, Cupcakes, Butter, Cream, Cheese...yet we hate them all at the same time!  I am guilty of this without question...I would probably eat an entire ice cream cake if left to my own devices (assuming it's Gluten Free) yet all the little lumps and bumps all over my body drive me insane.  In the quest for greater health, I have learned that if [...]

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Diet Tip | 10 Ways to Reduce your Fat Intake

We all know that if we want to lose weight or increase our muscle mass, we need to be eating a healthy and balanced diet.  Over the years research has shown that we consume far more than the recommended amounts of fat in our daily diet. I thought I would share some of the fun and simple ways I reduce the amount of fat I consume without depriving my body of the things I love [...]

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e84 Fuel Challenge | Evolv Limitless Update

As many of you already know a fundamental component of my Evolv e84 Challenge, is a patent pending product called Limitless (for more info please see previous posts).  I have been taking these pills now for approximately 2 weeks, and 5 days in I decided to get my Husband, Father, and in-laws to start taking the capsules as well since I felt I was getting positive results. So here is a quick update of the experience I have been [...]

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