New Year, New You… Understanding your body

With the New Year upon us many people are busy setting out their New Year’s Resolutions, and 2014 Goals.  It is no surprise that the biggest item on the majority of peoples list is to get into better physical shape, yet 70% or more of people end up giving up on this goal before the month of February is over! Why is this an all too common occurrence? Some will tell you it’s because of [...]

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Food for Thought | Fats – The Macronutriant We LOVE to Hate

Oh Fats!  What can one really say about them?  We love to eat them...Chocolate, Cupcakes, Butter, Cream, Cheese...yet we hate them all at the same time!  I am guilty of this without question...I would probably eat an entire ice cream cake if left to my own devices (assuming it's Gluten Free) yet all the little lumps and bumps all over my body drive me insane.  In the quest for greater health, I have learned that if [...]

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