Workout & Diet Tips for the Mesomorph

Since posting my last blog "New Year, New You" I have been getting a lot of questions regarding what the best type of meal or exercise plans to follow are for each body type.  This is a very important to know if you are looking to achieve maximum results with your wellness plan, so I will be posting a 3 part series to recap each body type and give a few diet and exercise tips to help [...]

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Food for Thought | All Carbs = Sugar

When it comes to our diet whether we are looking to lose weight, maintain our muscle mass, eat healthy, or just maintain our current healthy life style, understanding what we are putting into our bodies is key.  After discovering I am Gluten intolerant, and adjusting my diet accordingly, I truly believed I had been forced into a healthy low carb life style...that is until I took a closer look at the nutritional facts behind the foods I am eating.  I [...]

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New Year, New You… Understanding your body

With the New Year upon us many people are busy setting out their New Year’s Resolutions, and 2014 Goals.  It is no surprise that the biggest item on the majority of peoples list is to get into better physical shape, yet 70% or more of people end up giving up on this goal before the month of February is over! Why is this an all too common occurrence? Some will tell you it’s because of [...]

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Food for Thought | Proteins – They are EVERYWHERE!

The majority of us out there have very little understanding of what a Protein is...let alone why we need them.  We all hear about the high protein diets, the importance of protein post work out, and the benefits of protein when it comes our health but we really don't fully understand the role that this macronutrient plays within our bodies. What is Protein? Protein is by far the most important macronutrient you can eat, and is present [...]

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Exercise and Fitness | Truth or Myth?

1.  Any workout less than 1hr is a waste of time According to the American College of Sports Medicine, a 10 minute workout completed 3 times per week is just as effective as a 30min workout done 3 times a week…but only if to increase the intensity!  So how can you have the most effective 10min work?  Complete a workout that includes the following:  intervals, plyometrics (explosive movements, like jumping) and a variety of exercises.  [...]

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