e84 Fuel Challenge | Day 3 : Surprise!

Showed up at the gym this afternoon only to realize I forgot my knee brace....figured I would take it easy so that I didn't put any unnecessary pressure on my knee...15mins in I got suckered into a 1hr boot camp class. After realizing I actually survived I realized I have zero pain in my knee...if this is the result of 3 days on limitless I CANNOT wait to see what it will be like on [...]

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e84 Fuel Challenge | Day 1 Recap

Day one of my e84 Fuel Challenge is complete and all in all it was a good day.  Started the day with a Limitless followed by a Vanilla Shake that was easy to prepare, great tasting and kept me full for an hour longer than my usual bowl of cereal. The exercise routine provide by evolv through the exersciz website was not as challenging as I had hoped however, that is something that can easily be adjusted [...]

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