So I have obviously allowed my hectic schedule get the better of me, and I have neglected this blog for far too long. This morning I though what better way to get back into the groove then to share my excitement about my favourite day of the entire year…NATIONAL HALF PRICE CHOCOLATE DAY!! I’m sure many of you already know what it is that I am talking about, but for those of you who don’t…today is the day that every retailer across the nation is marking down those ridiculously over price Valentine’s Chocolates…you know the one’s I’m talking about…those Toblerone Roses, the Heart Shaped box of Lindor Chocolate Balls, the Red and Pink Hershey Hugs and Kisses just to name a few.626612-chocolate-shoes

Now, before anyone decides that I am just one of those people who hate Valentine’s day and I am just looking to write about all the reasons why I it sucks, let me make it very clear I AM NOT. I definitely don’t believe in any of the nonsense that Valentine’s Day (or as Jay Leno would say “National Male Extortion Day” )represents, however,  I am celebrating NHPC Day not to make a point, but because I am a lover of all things Chocolate ( I may also be a little nust!), and there really is nothing that makes me happier than knowing today is the day I load up the pantry with every piece of gluten-free chocolate and candy I can get my hands on…and honestly, despite the fact that I dislike the commercialization of Valentine’s Day I LOVE all the Pink and Purple heart-shaped packaging that comes with it!

So how many of you out there are as excited as I am about NHPC Day??

p.s. always remember…MODERATION IS THE KEY!!