Exercise and Fitness | Truth or Myth?

Exercise and Fitness | Truth or Myth?

1.  Any workout less than 1hr is a waste of time

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, a 10 minute workout completed 3 times per week is just as effective as a 30min workout done 3 times a week…but only if to increase the intensity!  So how can you have the most effective 10min work?  Complete a workout that includes the following:  intervals, plyometrics (explosive movements, like jumping) and a variety of exercises.  If you are able to speak full sentences during the workout you are not working hard enough!

2.  No sweat means ineffective workout

This is a complete Myth!  The effectiveness of your workout cannot be measured by the amount you perspire because there are just too many factors that will affect a person’s perspiration levels.  A more accurate measure of the effectiveness of your workout is definitely you Heart Rate.  Studies show that people who are helping their heart rate between 60-85% of you max heart rate have shown to have much greater results than those who are either over or below this range.

3.  No Pain No Gain

Believe it or not some pain after a workout is a GOOD thing.  These aches are referred to as “Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness” and actually show that your workout has created some micro-tears in the muscle which will heal on their own and help make your muscle stronger.  Now with that you will also need to recognize when you have over done it!  If you pain is consistent for more that 48hrs, it is very likely that you are no longer feeling soreness but actually feeling the result of muscle damage, which could take several weeks to heal and will not be providing any positive results…so remember you don’t want to overdo it.

4.  The Scale hasn’t budged so you’re not making progress

Something we all need to remember is that when marking progress you should be measuring your inches not your pounds.  A pound of muscle and a pound of fat weigh the same…1 POUND…but 1 pound of muscle is actually half the size of 1 pound of fat.  This means that as you lose body fat and increase lean muscle mass you may see no difference on the scale yet notice that none of your pants fit anymore.