I thought I would take a moment to summarize my first 2 weeks on the program.

  1. The Evolv Shakes are delicious and very easy to make, which is wonderful because if they tasted like most of what is available out there I would be having a very difficult time sticking to this program
  2. The Exersciz Solutions website is great and has a lot of very helpful information regarding “Nutrient Timing” and various exercises to ensure I have the best information to make the most effective choices when it comes to my diet and exercise programs
  3. I have been experiencing ZERO pain in my knee during and post workouts, and I am exercising without wearing my supports (not the smartest idea but after nearly 10 yrs I am excited!)
  4. I have been sleeping like a baby nearly every night and feel incredibly refreshed regardless of the amount of sleep I got
  5. I am seeing a steady increase in my energy levels, this I am sure is in part due to the addition of exercise, as well as proper diet choices, but I am confident that the Limitless is playing a major role in all of this as well

Now, as with anything there are always a few hiccups along the way, and I thought I would share a couple of mine with you in this post.

  1. It wasn’t until after I purchased my products that I decided to read the “Product Usage Guide” and realized that Evolv recommends having an Evolv shake post exercise for maximum results, and this would require me the purchase 2x the product that comes in the “e84 Fuel Package” on the online store.  My fault for waiting until after the purchase to look at this info, however, there isn’t a single “Fuel Package” option online with 2x the Shake which I find a bit disappointing.
  2. As I near the completion of week 2, I am noticing an increase in my hunger levels, even though I was going 3 hrs without needing to snack this past week, I am starting to feel that I need to eat every 1.5-2hrs now.  This is obviously due to the increase in exercise and the increase in the number of calories my body is burning which is great!

All in all the entire experience with the e84 Challenge has been great and I am looking forward to tomorrow’s weigh in to see what has been going on from a Body Composition point!