So as many of you already know the 2 main components of my Evolv e84 challenge are the Evolv Shake and the Evolv Limitless.  I thought I would take a moment to summarize the stated benefits of this product as well as my personal experience over the last 5 days…

What is Evolv Limitless?

Evolv Limitless uses a patent-pending technology to promote joint support, flexibility, energy, and healthy aging by reducing both inflammation and the effects of unhealthy oxidation with its active ingredient, ProLain.  ProLain has the highest concentration of Betalains on the market…and with zero calories and sugar, there’s no other product like it available.

How does it work?

Research has shown that the all natural pigment in beets—called Betalains—is a powerful antioxidant that also helps the body return to a healthy inflammatory response. Many years and many millions of dollars in research have been invested in the development of ProLain to extract the power of Betalains from the beet while leaving behind the sugar, which degrades the potency of this powerful nutrient.

For those of you who are wondering why not just eat fresh beets, it has been shown that the natural sugars in beets as well as cooking them reduces the effectiveness of the Betalains, so your body is actually absorbing much lower quantities than what the beet naturally has to offer.

I really have to say that so far my experience with the Evolv products has been nothing put a positive one, I have been using the product for 5 days as recommended and I can honestly say that I am sleeping better, waking up more refreshed, and my injured knee has not had any pain, soreness, or stiffness post workout even though I have been training without my brace, so let’s see what the next 5 days have to bring 🙂

**I have also provided packages of Limitless to my father and in-laws and will be updating their experiences in future posts**