The Hidden Costs of Buying a Home (Part 2)

In first part of this 3 part series, I touched on a few items that some first time home buyers may not have planned for such as Legal Fees, Land Transfer Taxes, Appraisals, as well as HST on new homes and on CMHC Premiums. Something I did not touch on, and will this week, is the costs of setting up basic accounts like your Gas, Hydro, Oil, Water, and Home Owners Insurance.  For many first time buyers [...]

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The Hidden Costs of Buying a Home (Part 1)

As a first time home buyer or investor it is often thought that once you have saved your minimum down payment and pre-qualified for the property of your dreams you are ready to jump into the world of home ownership/ Real Estate. All too many times however, we see individuals who have missed saving for some critical costs associated with the purchase of any property such as legal fees, Land Transfer Taxes, Appraisal costs, HST [...]

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Lena Guirguis talks with CREW live at the Investor Forum about the new finance minister

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Professional vs Amateur. What to look for when hiring

As an Investor, Property Manager, and Mentor I am often asked the question “How will I know if the person I am working with is a true professional?”  This is a question we are all faced with at one time or another, whether we are looking to hire a plumber, accountant, dietician, or hair stylist; and the answer is often very difficult to find if you don’t know what you are looking for. Below is [...]

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